Associate Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics


  • Presentation at Isaac Newton Institute of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, August 2019)

  • With John Willis at RAMSS2019 (Trento, June 2019)

  • As Tre Verticale at ESMC2018 (Bologna, July 2018)


  • Seminar at the Key Laboratory of Soft Machines and Smart Devices of Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, March 2019)

  • Lecture at Soft Robotics Week (Livorno, April 2016)

  • Group photo of the participants at the workshop "Modelling of refractory materials and ceramics, with a view to technological applications" (Trento, April 2016)

  • The Elastica arm scale exhibited at Metrology Day 2015 at Scale Museum (Campogalliano, May 2015) with Prof. Bigoni and Dr. Misseroni

  • Seminar at the Department of Materials Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science (Tokyo, September 2014)

  • Seminar at the Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Osaka University (Osaka, August 2014)

  • IAPP2013 Project Coordinators meeting (Brussels, February 2014)


  • HOTBRICKS secondment at Vesuvius (Ghlin, January 2014) with Severine Romero-Baivier

  • AIMETA Junior Prize in Solid and Structural Mechanics at XXI AIMETA (Torino, September 2013) awarded by Prof. Cinquini (AIMETA President)

  • Ceramic TTD award at Tecnargilla 2012 (Rimini, September 2012) with Prof. Piccolroaz, Miss Jatro, and Prof. Bigoni

  • With my Advisor Prof. Bigoni after the PhD defense (Trento, March 2009)

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